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Pre-sleep Thought.

I ask myself: Is it possible to be organized and still be capable of awe-inspiring creativity? Or must choose between being dry and on time OR talented but unstable?

I wish I could be everything.
Well, obviously, the whole "Travelogues" concept didn't work out. I'm fickle that way.

Anyhoo, I guess it's safe to say that I'm going to be sticking to one-shot entries from now on. I'm going to try and attack this writing thing slowly but surely. O_O *Sigh* I'm feeling terribly inadequate right now.


Moving on.

Yesterday, December 6, was the 20th anniversary of my parents and the 50th anniversary of my grandparents. As a usual perk of being in my family, they were entitled to a presentation...even if most of us only started preparing the day before. Or the day itself. Or, like me, during the dinner before. :D

Anyway, given my recent training in the concentrations of poetry and french, I wrote one long English poem and a couple of short french ones. The latter I will not post because french-speakers of the Blagosphere will come over and probably slaughter me.

I do not want that. Please. o_o

Anyway, here's the English poem (in its first-draft-form):


Love is art.
But art has many parts

Lust might be a heart tattoo
or spiraled spikes across
one's back--
It's beautiful
at first
But without care, it's rare
that it will be beautiful
much longer

without commitment
Would most likely be a room
With walls lined with paints
and brushes
and pencils
and palettes
But no canvas or papers to
make art on.

Commitment without intimacy
would be a blank canvas
on the wall.
Nothing but a frame to mark
the beginning
and the end
of it all.

But put it all together:
The spontaneity of Lust
The variety of intimacy
and the finality of commitment
And one is left with
a masterpiece:
a Van Gogh, a Da Vinci
a Monet, a Dali
A painting so wonderful
Its memory
Transcends the shortness of life
and remains for eternity.

(Insert lame 'Happy Anniversary' greeting here)

Personally, if a creative writing major critiqued that, I would be slaughtered by my lapses in meter and alliteration. But normal people seemed to like it. Hehe.

I just got back from one of the most mind-blowing, absolutely perception-warping trips ever.

We left for Singapore on Saturday, April 4th--all twenty-seven of my paternal family members. O_O Yeah, I know. We're pretty plenty. And it was the first time we left the country together. As in, together.

Anyway, we boarded the Singapore Airlines plane, occupied about three rows of economy class seats, reveled in the passable full airplane meal, and watched a lot of movies. That took about five hours from NAIA to Changi ((the airports)). We arrived at the Hotel Grand Central at around 2pm and I got to stay in a room with two of my girl cousins (Paui and Cara).

Problem: There were only 2 beds.

Apparently, some of the really smart travel agents switched our familial groupings with the rooms and we ended up having groups of two with three beds and groups of four with two. T_T You get me?

So, anyway, being the rowdiest of sleepers among our group of three, I got a bed to myself while my skinnier, calmer-sleeping cousins shared the other single bed. :) Yay, problem solved. We just needed to deal with the creaky pipes, cornchip-smelling towels, strong soap, busted cable, odd carpet stains, and overall-horror-movie vibe of the place. :)

It was bearable, though. We were just spending one night there anyway, because we were going on a four-day cruise in the morning. :D

But first, let us deal with the day in Singapore.

So, being the very hungry family that we are, the first thing we did was go to the food court (GrEAT TrEATs) in the mall right in front of the Hotel. :D They had EVERYTHING there ((except cheap Pinoy food, though--Singapore is pretty fine, O_O About php100 was the cheapest full meal you could hope for...but yes, I digress)).

My first meal in Singapore was a tasteless vegetable and mushroom soup. :) Me and Paui were looking for something light and healthy for that meal, that was pretty cheap and kinda hidden. But, alas, everyone else got really tasty-looking noodles and chicken...I didn't care much for the chicken--but the noodles made me drool. O_O I resolved to have that for the next meal instead. LOL I got the spicy version--absolutely delicious. You should go fly to Singapore and try it. :)

However, of all the meals and all the food Singapore had to offer, my entire family agrees that the best thing about Singapore was their "wayfah"--or what is generally considered as the "dirty ice cream" of Singapore. :) It consists of an ice cream block about 4x2x1 inches in dimensions wrapped in a slice of bread OR sandwiched in 2 pcs of...wayfah. XD LOL It comes in Chocolate, Strawberry Ripple, Coffee, Chocolate Chip, Ube/Yam, Durian, and Peppermint among others. And it's totally addictive. :D The first afternoon/night we spent in Singapore, us cousins ate about 4-5 servings each. Hehehe. My favorite flavor was Peppermint...but it was totally amusing to see that they had Durian. :p Personally, that's one big "Eeew." ;)

After a while in Singapore, though, I noticed that despite all the good food, big serving sizes ((Filipino large is their smallest size in all the fast food joints)), and all the luxurious amenities ((potable tap water, WALKALATORS, malls in every block, etc.)), most of the people in Singapore are hot and skinny. O_O Or, at the very least, they have nicely shaped calves. You can SEE them walking around with food in hand and bags of "takeaway" in tow. It was pretty baffling for a while...

But with a few hours of thinking and walking around, exploring the terrain, we theorized that it's probably because of  1) the weather--it's sticky hot and bright in Singapore in between spurts of rain, 2) the walking--Singapore's so small, why take expensive public transportation?, and 3) the majority "No Pork, No Lard" policy--I guess it's a religious thing. :)

Oh...and maybe the working and high prices have a bit of a hand in it too. Hmm...

Anyway, moving on.

Another interesting thing about Singapore is the Sex Shop Franchise. O_O To name a few along Orchard Road, there was: Adult Planet, House of Condom, and Sexy Kitten (?). All of them required you to be 21, of course, but I still went in with someone who was 21 and had a bit of a look see. Umm...it was pretty awkward and really sleazy with the funky toys and whips and stuff--but it was a learning experience (in a really "I don't want to repeat that ever again" type of way). So, yeah...

Like any typical sleepover among the cousins, we all slept pretty late--especially since the parents were out having fun among themselves. :D After swimming in a pretty mossy pool  and scaring away a bunch of pigeons, we spent most of the night "channel surfing" through the white noise and repeating channels in the middle of a freezing room without any thermostat control. O_O Me, being the one with no sleep whatsoever, was the first to fall in the cold room. I passed out in the middle of CSI, I think. Hehehe.

After that episode, the parents woke us up early (9am) to eat some complimentary breakfast up in the hall on the 2nd floor.

Surprise: A hot rugby team checked-in just in time for breakfast.

Drool. Right over the vegetarian fried rice, kuey tow, potato wedges, cereal, toast, tea, and orange juice. O_O

That was when a brand-new rating system, and adjective, was born: The "8.5" This is how it works:

Scenario 1:
Eating breakfast with girl cousins in a meal room crawling with rugby players.
Laura: (eating like a pig)
Ate Marga: (semi-whispered) Guys, 8.5. (indicates direction with eyes)
Cousins: (trying to catch a look discreetly)
Laura: (eating like a princess...and trying to catch a look as well LOL)

Scenario 2: Walking to a mall and a hot white dude passes by (face partially concealed)
Paui: (whispered) Guys! Potential 8.5! There...there.
Cousins: (gazing shamelessly, willing said 8.5 to turn around)
-->P8.5: (turns and is NOT cute)
     Cousins: Nope / Whoops / Eew / 6 / Nevermind. :D
-->P8.5: (hotter than expected)
     Cousins: Whoooooaaa...NINE!!!


So, yeah, while waiting for the bus to arrive so that we can leave for the city tour, we decided to do some half-assed form of stalking. :D We went up to the floor where our families *happened* to stay with some of the shirtless/hot players, got their room numbers, and called just to hear them say "Hello?" in accented English. :p Yeah. We do that. :D Hehehehe.

But, alas, that crazy part of our trip was over way too soon--we had to leave the hotel and make our way to the city. O_O Not that there were too many things to see. (Singapore is a pretty dull country. It's just the rebellious teenage actions that kinda make things interesting. LOL)

First, we visited the Merlion. We passed by a lot of cool architecture on the way...but it was mostly typical city stuff. We spotted a few acts of vandalism over at the bridges near the Merlion (whose water spout was getting kind of rusty) and took a few cool pictures with the expensive Canon cameras. O_O That's about it.

Next, we visited this Buddhist temple in "Old Singapore," which was pretty decrepit and not so cool--but had more personality. However, the temple was mostly just red and gold, elaborately but kinda haphazardly decorated all over the structure. Yeah...

And finally, before we left for the sea port (where our cruise ship was), we went to Singapore Gems. A place where bored housewives kill time cutting precious gems to form mosaics of typical Chinese things...Um, they could have been really beautiful if they didn't place cheesy LED lights and sound effects on the already overkill mosaics. O_O No offense, but for the prices they were selling, the Philippines could done been way better.

But we don't have the cash. So boo. :p

Anyway, after a few sips of flavored Yakult and lame bites of Doritos, we were off finally to the cruise boarding area. :) I was on the bus listening to the Sweeney Todd soundtrack all the way...and I think I gave anyone within hearing distance Last Song Syndrome. :D LOL

Stay tuned for the second installment of Travelogue I tomorrow--when I'm not too sleepy anymore. :D

Right now, I just want to go to sleep.

(It's 2:30 am, and I'm fresh off the trip...I just really wanted to post something now that I'm finally attached to my drug [Internet] once more. :D See you all! Sleep well. Eat your veggies. And go outside and breathe.)


((I just couldn't stand the thought of being postless anymore. This is just a shoutout to let you know that I'm here...))