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xenoslaura's Journal

11 January
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  • xenoslaura@livejournal.com
I'm neither old nor young, neither stupid nor a genius, but that doesn't mean I'm normal.

Nobody's normal. That's why everyone is.

This journal is a place for me to shout out my thoughts...whether it be to a crowd--dying to know my opinions--or to an empty space-- feebly echoing back everything I say. I don't mind. It's here to do what it can. Everything I write here is meant to be seen. I have private and hand-written entries for myself. They are, obviously, none of your business.

But you shouldn't mind. I like reading my own words, typewritten and on a screen. Most of my thoughts are going to be here.

This isn't my first online journal, not even my first LiveJournal account. But this it the first time I really wanted an account. I used to do this just to follow everyone else's banal requests. Not anymore.

I'm following my own banal request. (haha)